BNM Auto Group truly believes that there is no limit for improvement. There is always more room to deliver our service better. Every sale we make helps us to realize how we can make the next one superior. On this, one of the greatest ways is customer reviews. We sincerely take our customers feedbacks very serious and try to see the benefit out of it. Please leave us an online review on google+ / / BBB / and like us on Facebook and Twitter.

We won't stop improving until we reach the ultimate customer service. Who knows, we may already be giving it!

Catherine Kerr | Bemus Point NY | December 15, 2014 | Google+

Purchased a Jeep Commander last week from this dealer. Never went in, all done over the phone and the inteet. Passed on some other dealers that had seemingly good prices but poor reviews. Was impressed w/ one price policy and after the sale follow up. Car was exactly as described, even a little better, actually. Would recommend w/o reservation.

Toni Wimer | Mercer, PA | January 10, 2015 |

I bought a BEAUTIFUL Toyota Camry SE for well below market and book value. It was the third car that my family has purchased at BNM in a little more than two months. Joe Yalcin is the best and fairest and most honest salesman I've ever dealt with in the car business. Every vehicle we bought passed PA inspection when we brought them home. I strongly recommend that anyone seeking quality used transportation, check out BNM first. Everyone one there is genuinely friendly, professional and helpful. We're very satisfied with the vehicles we got there. We'll be back!

Laurieann | Oil City, PA | February 11, 2014 |

I am very happy with BNM Auto. This is the second car I have bought in less than a month from BNM because of 2 accidents. I will recommend all my good friends. Being a woman alone and finding a dealer that is honest with rock bottom prices on excellent used cars is difficult. Joe and Tom are great guys and my daughter and I will always trust and respect them. My daughter found a Honda on their website and it was a great car for the short time she had it. We've retued for an Acura and we are sure it is the best car we will find. When I am ready to buy a car for myself I will go to BNM and know that I will have a great car and a great deal.

Heather S. | Cleveland, OH | September 24, 2013 | Better Business Bureau

I saw a car that I liked, then inquired via email. Sales staff emailed back to let me know car was available. I made plans to go see it after work. The car was there, it looked just as it did in the twenty-some pictures advertised with the advertised mileage. There was a carfax vehicle history report and we were allowed to drive it after providing copy of license. Of course, as with any used car dealership, there was hardly any gas in it, but either way, it drove nicely. They didn't irritate the **** out of me or ask me about money, financing, or trades. They spoke in the English language in my presence and there's nothing negative that I can say about the sales experience. If you want an import car, they have plenty with high miles. If you want low miles, be prepared to pay for it anywhere. For the person who left a negative review and drove five hours, your story doesn't add up. I didn't drive through a "getto" at all and the place was easy to find. No frills, just like a mom and pop place that I felt completely comfortable at. I got what I wanted and I didn't have to put up with irritating sales people like I have at dozens of other places. This was made easy... and thanks guys!

Drivingman | Michigan CIty, IN | October 16, 2013 |

After finding this car, 2003 Toyota Celica GT, on the Inteet thru, and researching other sites to compare cars, I called BNM to see if the car was available, if there was any damage, general mechanical shape, etc. Two days later, after more research and checking on BNM, I called again to verfiy and said I was driving 51/2 hours to get the car and bring in my trade, a 2001 Dodge Caravan with 330,000 miles. On the trip there I was praying to make it and not have the car literally fall apart beneath me( I hear new sounds). I arrived at 4:00pm, 11/2 hours later than planned. There were several other customers around but I was warmly greeted, offered coffee, and walked around abit to stretch my legs. They are renovating the offices so I walked around the lot to see what else they had. After looking the new car over, I could see there were quite a few nicks and dings which accounted for the lower price but the engine sounded good, quieter than I expected for a 4 cylinder. So when we went for a test drive, I was not happy with the vibration I felt at increase speed and a pull to the right when I released the wheel going straight down the road. However, there was no deviation when braking hard. After discussions, BNM agreed to pay for alignment and wheel balancing and still gave me $250 for my car. I was thrilled and thought they were very fair. After we signed the paperwork, they immediately scheduled the alignment and tire balancing for me with Sears then gave me a check to give to Sears with driving instructions how to get there. Sears stayed open an extra 1/2 hour to finish me up and I drove home with the top down, no vibration or deviation from center. SWEET!!!!

Sheila Matt | Andover, OH | November 14, 2014 | Google+

Upon first contact, per telephone, the staff was helpful and knowledgeable, accommodating to our financial requirements, as well as, the length of travel it would take to peruse their inventory. We had been concentrating on one car in particular. Prior to our arrival, per our conversation, they had the car pulled aside and ready so that there was no maneuvering of vehicles to delay our test drive or inspection. In our search for a quality used car we came to discover many used car websites, with BNM having the most detailed information, specs on the cars, carfax, largest and numerous pictures, contact phone numbers and not just a contact email form as many others do. Once arriving on BNM's lots we were greeted by several people and asked if we had something in mind. Never pushed towards anything that they wished to sell or show. Once they knew what we were there to look at they remembered speaking with us by name. Very impressive. Upon deciding to take the car for a test drive giving us a plate and taking my license for a photo copy they informed us to drive to the interstate as well as surface roads to get a feel for the cars handling. After our test drive and mutual discussion, we approached Joe and proceeded the purchasing process. The process was simple with no need to haggle the price was on the windshield, it was in line with Kelly Blue Book and Edmunds, we felt it was a fair price. Fortunately for us we received a discount due to being a United States Veteran, which we believe is a special at this time. In our opinion the trip to BNM to view and purchase our new/used car was worth the time and effort. We will absolutely consider purchasing another vehicle from BNM If you purchase a second car with BNM you receive a discount on that vehicle with a receipt from your first purchase. You receive a higher discount if you purchase a third vehicle with BNM with your receipts as well. BNM has been one of the easiest used car dealers to work with. They have very good incentives to keep you coming back.

Makayla | Erie, PA | February 13, 2014 |

I just purchasd a Pontiac Vibe from BNM and i am very pleased with it. As soon as we arived from an hour and a half drive, we were greeted at the door immediatly. Yigit was a very helpful man, he answered the questions we had and even offered to fix any conces i had with vehicle with no problem. It was a very friendly place to be; i felt very welcomed. They were completly honest when asked any question. They are not there to scam you! It was not just strictly business, Yigit held conversations with me and the people i brought along. I already recommended my friend who is car shopping to stop by and visit BNM and i would advise any one else looking for a vehicle to do the same. I do feel as though i will retu in the future when looking for my next purchase.

P. Dewitt | McDonald, OH | November 19, 2014 | Better Business Bureau

Bought a 2001 infinity bout month ago.Got a good price,good service,etc...Needed an o2 sessor and they gave me the part free to c if my buddy could do the work but he can't so I'll b setting up an appt. with them soon.Am very satisfied with the car. IT'S A SUPER CLEAN SOUTHERN CAR WITH FULL CAR FAX INFO. And the guy's there r pretty cool.*** I've known for 10 yrs. when I bought a older camry that ran forever. thanks for the great service

Nora Lynch | Middlefield, OH | January 25, 2015 | Facebook

Thank you Nasr and Talal for treating my mother and I like ladies and not "Dumb Girls". My mom was hit by an uninsured driver while taking my kids to school. Her car was totaled and we needed to find her a reliable, safe car at a fair and honest price. Mom and I went to 4 different dealerships on Friday, they treated us like we were dumb...I even had one man explain to me that all subarus, even new ones have a tick all I have to do is ask a Subaru driver...Apparently the man at Zazour in Chesterland did not see that we drove there in my Subaru Outback. My mom has Multiple Sclerosis, NO OTHER DEALER OFFERED HER THE COMFORTS THAT NASR AND TALAL DID. They went out of their way for her. I gotta say, we got a great car at a great price, and the customer service was excellent. Mommy LOVES her new to her forester! Thanks for being gentlemen!!!

Erin Rabich | Cortland, OH | April 22, 2015 | Google+

This is the first time I felt comfortable looking at vehicle without my husband, the guys were very friendly, not pushy salesmen, all my questions were answered and I ended up with a car I love. Don't change a thing. My most positive car buying experience.

Angela Collins | Bradford, PA | Jan 31st, 2016 | Facebook

From when we made the phone call for the appointment, to the time we drove off the lot, our experience with BNM Auto was fantastic! We drove 3.5 hours for our appointment and told them who we were. We signed a paper to test drive the vehicle and then left. It was that simple. It just gets better from there. Our salesman was Yigit Yalcin, and he was wonderful. Great sense of humor, even with my husband trying to haggle. (Which, by the way, they don't do....but they do work with you to help you with the money aspect.) We signed the paperwork, handed over our money and was then on our way. We were there for slightly more than an hour, including test drive. It was the best car-buying experience that I have ever had. Cars are extremely clean, my husband was oogling a few of them and they are all in the best condition he has ever seen from a used car lot. If you go here, you will not regret it.

Amy Rohrbaugh-Thompson | Geneva, OH | Nov 5th, 2016 | Facebook

Our entire family drove over an hour to test drive a Nissan Titan since they were so hard to find used in our local area. We pulled in, got keys to check it out, weren't hovered over by any "sales" people, got to take a good test drive with just us, got a fair offer for our trade in and drove away with our new-to-us truck all in just over an hour. Great experience with Yigit Yalcin. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars was how dusty the interior of the truck was.

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